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Introducing the Robot Configurations screen

Here's where robot managers can set up DAX units for success and tweak their settings before hitting the ground

If you have been granted the Robot Manager Role, you'll have access to the Robots Configurations screen in our Dashboard. Let's go ahead describe it!

Our Devs are actively working on this screen, we'll update this article as new stuff is added or changed, and bugs are solved! Thanks for reading.

This is how the overall screen looks:

robo config overview

Starting from the top-right, you'll find buttons to Add Robots, manage Robot Groups and view Order Schedules. Let's talk about each one.


  • Add Robot: Here's where a new robot can be added to the system. Operators can choose the Name, the Robot Group it belongs to, speed and resting parameters, and the active-inactive status of the unit.
    add robot
  • Robot Groups: Here you can aggregate robots that have similar features and are worth putting in the same category, such as robots that operate in the same region. You can edit the name of existing groups, or add new ones by clicking Add Robot Group.
    robot groups
  • Order Schedules button: Here you'll find a summary of queued orders with the assigned robots and current status.

Following our tour of the screen, we have the rest of the board where you'll see each robot's properties and the Actions column to the right:


  1. In this area, each robot is listed with its current parameters and you can use the Active toggle to the right, to turn them on and off.
  2. Then, in the rightmost portion of the page, we have the Actions column. Here you can, from left to right:
    1. Pencil icon: Edit the robot properties.
    2. Clock icon: Edit the schedule and the hours of activity for the robot.
    3. Bin: Delete the robot.


If you have further questions about the DAX Pilot, please take a look at this FAQ put together by our COO Julie Campbell: DAX Delivery FAQ