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Introducing the Robot Delivery screen

Manage everything related to orders delivered by DAX robots

If you have been granted the Robot Manager Role, you'll have access to the Robot Delivery screen in our Dashboard. Let's break down and describe each group of functions.

Our Devs are actively working on this screen, we'll update this article as new stuff is added or changed, and bugs are solved! Thanks for reading.

This is how the screen would look like with lots of active orders and different robots on duty:


Let's divide the screen into groups and describe each one (open the image in a new tab for a better zoom):


1) Order filters

The buttons enclosed in the 1st red box are different ways to search and filter orders. From left to right:

The first four buttons are the familiar filters found in the Order Management board. Namely:

  • Open: Shows all orders that have not been closed yet. 
  • Current:  Shows orders where their Kitchen In time is a few minutes ahead. These are the orders both restaurants and robot operators should pay the most attention to.
  • Today's: All orders that are due today, no matter if they are already closed or still ongoing.
  • Last week's: All orders closed during the last seven days.

Then we have:

  • Filter by groups: Use this to filter orders by specific Robot Groups. Robot Groups are robot squads that operate in the same area, such as our robots in Coronado.
  • Filter order status: View orders that have a certain order status
  • Search bar: Search by order number, restaurant name, customer phone number, restaurant address, and delivery address.

2) Order Details

Moving on, let's list sections from left to right:

  • Restaurant Info: You'll find the order number highlighted in orange, the restaurant name under it, and the customer's phone number
  • Robot name: See the name of the robot handling the delivery.
  • From Address and To Address: The start and destination points for the delivery.
  • Pickup Ready and Promise Time: Are the familiar ETAs of the order.

3) Status

In this last section, operators can control the current status of the delivery and send relevant notifications to the restaurant and end customers as the robot completes its journey. 

From left to right:

  • Order Status button: See the order status in real-time, and control the status of the delivery as well!
    • The restaurant can update the order status as usual, and it will be reflected right here in real-time. 
    • When it's time for the robot to take action, click this button and you'll have different options to update the delivery status:
    • To Restaurant: Notify the restaurant the robot is on its way.
    • At Restaurant: Tap this button and the restaurant will be notified that the robot has arrived at the store. The restaurant staff will be notified in the Order Management board. They'll see a green robot icon blinking:
    • Delivery In Progress: The order is travelling.
    • Two minutes: Press this and the customer will be notified via SMS that their food is approximately 2 minutes away.
    • At guest: Notify that the robot has reached its destination.
    • Delivery completed: All done! This will close the order both in the Robot Delivery screen and also for the restaurant in the Order Management Board.
    • Problem: Send a notification to the restaurant that there has been an issue with the delivery.
  • Low battery notification switch: DAX operators can enable this switch and the restaurant will be notified that the robot's battery is running low by adding a low battery icon on top of the little green robot we showed above: low battery robot gif


If you have further questions about the DAX Pilot, please take a look at this FAQ put together by our COO Julie Campbell: DAX Delivery FAQ