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What Are Reports (Sales and Delivery Performance)

Access reports that help you understand your restaurant's sales and delivery activities

Reports are a record or summary of a specific restaurant's business activity within a chosen date range (monthly, weekly, daily, etc). They provide information such as daily sales, profits, best-selling items, etc. Reports are available for you to check anytime.

Log into your Restaurant Management Dashboard, locate Reports in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Viewing and saving a report

  1. On your Restaurant Dashboard, go to Reports. Click on the black zigzag iconreports1 to the right of the report’s name, under the Actions column.

    reports new
  2. Select the Date Start and Date End by clicking the three dots  on the right. You can select any reporting period, for example, a month, a week, or even a single day. The report is going to show the information based on those selected dates.

       Date Range window-1             
  3. Once the start and end dates are selected, click anywhere outside of the calendar pop-up. The window will close and the date range is now chosen. Finally, click Submit to generate the report.

    Date Range Calendar

    Choose Date Range

How to Export Reports?

  1. Open the report you need to export. 

  2. Select the date range.

  3. Click the floppy disc floppy disk on the sheet of paper icon at the top of the page, there you can select any of the export options (PDF, XLS, etc). 

  4. Once an export option is chosen, a new tab will open. Wait a couple of seconds and the file will automatically start downloading.

Types of Reports 

Sales per Day

Daily Driver Report

Average by Day

Menu Summary

Product List

Customer List

Previous Order Details


  1. Sales by Day Report: shows the tip, tax, and order total of every order for each day. Reports are organized by groups, showing total figures by order type (delivery or pickup) and a total for the day.

    Deliveries are also grouped by the driver, that way you can see how many tips and orders were made daily. Also, each order has the total amount of the product type ordered (food, beer, non-alcoholic drinks, wine, spirits). 

      Sales per day deivery and pickup product type EDIT
    At the end of the report, there is a total for the whole selected date range.

    Sales per Day Grand Totals
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  2. Daily Driver Report: this report is very similar to the “Sales by Day report” but the information is condensed, providing another way to read it. It is grouped by order type (delivery or pickup),  it shows the name of each driver, the total for each order type, and the total for the selected date range.

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  3. Average By Day: this report contains different information such as average order totals, number of orders and total sales per date. The first charts have dates (01/01/2021) and the last three charts show days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) to help your business visualize sales, that way they you know if sales increase or decrease on specific days of the week. 

    Note: Average order size = average size of every order placed daily or on the selected time range. 

    Average per day 1Average per day 2Average per day 3

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  4. Menu Summary: use this report to visualize your menu or list of products, it shows every item, area, mod and picture added.
     Menu Summary

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  5. Product List: this is a list of the items sold within a chosen date range. It is divided by product type (food, wine, beer, non-alcoholic drinks). It has menu areas and the total quantity sold of each menu item. This way restaurants can know what the best selling item on their menu is. 

    At the end of the report, you will see the total quantity, net sale, and profit. You can also find two charts to help visualize best-selling items and product types. 

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  6. Customer List: this is a report that shows information about all of the restaurant`s customers within a selected date range, such as mobile number, last order, total orders, etc. 

    Client List Edit

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  7. Previous Order Details: if you need to see the information of orders older than a week, here's where you can do so. This report will pull up any details from an old order that is not shown in the Restaurant's Dashboard. Select a date range and let the magic happen. You will see the customer name, order time, details of the order (items, extras, price), etc.

    Previous Order Details EDIT


These are all the sales reports Dine.Direct currently offers. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the reports, get in touch with us by calling (775) 580-3200 or by chatting through the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of our website!