Tax rates on Delivery and Gratuity

Don't forget to set your taxes on delivery or gratuity if needed

Taxes are always going to depend on location. Some states, counties, or cities may have to pay different taxes than others. Below are the areas that you will find in your Restaurant Management Dashboard where tax rates may need to be entered.

fees and gratuities 2
  1. Tax rate on delivery

    tax rate on delivery
    If your restaurant is located in a county, city, or state that taxes delivery rates, don't forget to add them and set them on this field.
  2. Tax rate on gratuity
tax rate on gratuity
This is the amount of tax added to the total. If your restaurant is located somewhere where taxes have to be charged on gratuity, be sure to fill this field correctly. 

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In order to make sure you don't break any laws when setting up your taxes it's always better to hire a professional. We recommend Dine.Direct's partner, Flores Financial for any necessary in-depth financial and legal advice.

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