What Are Shared Mods

An easy way to apply frequent mods to multiple items

Now you can add Modifiers (mods) that are commonly used across many items and link those mods together in the Menu items. It's no longer necessary to create the same mod within each item over and over again. 

Learn how to do add new Shared Mods here

  1. On your Restaurant Management Dashboard go to Menu Settings, then click on the Shared Mods tab.

    shared mods
  2.  Here, you'll be able to create mods that you need to add to more than one item on your menu. This way you can save a lot of precious time!

  3. Create the mods just as you learned in the mods article (find it here). Keep adding as many Shared Mods as you need. 
  4. To add them to a specific item, go back to the Areas & Items tab. 
  5. Click on the Show Details button of the item you need. Go to the mods section at the end of the window and click on Add Mod. Select the Shared Mod you desire, name it, and save the changes.

    shared mods aitem

How to override selectable quantity of multiple-choice shared mods

Now, when you create a multiple choice with quantity Shared Mod, you can override that setting individually as you attach the Shared Mod to a specific item.

By adding the Shared Mod to a menu item, you will see a switch that will let you override the minimum and maximum quantities only impacting that single menu item.

For example, instead of creating another mod or Shared Mod with the same options but with the only difference of the number of choices your customer can select, now you can just change this for individual items by using the Override switch.

Keep in mind that if you change the prices or anything else on the Shared Mod tab, the changes will be applied to all Menu Items which are linked with those mods.