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What Are the QR Codes on the Receipts?

Learn a quick and easy alternative for managing the status of your orders

At Dine.Direct we carefully monitor the status of your order through our system. Each order has a QR code that can be scanned in the Restaurant Management Dashboard in the Scan Receipt section. In case the order is going to be delivered with one of your drivers, each driver has to scan the QR code with the Dine.Direct delivery app.

How we keep your order on time:

1. The customer places an order.

2. Order queued.

3. Print order ticket for kitchen and delivery (customer's receipt).

4. The kitchen prepares the food, places it in the prep area, and scans the ticket. The status of the order will be updated to Staging.

5. Someone from the staff scans the order ticket to release it for delivery. The status of the order changes automatically to Ready For Delivery/Pickup.

6. The delivery driver scans the ticket and collects the orders. The status of the order changes to Delivery in Progress.

7. When the order is dropped off, take a picture to confirm the delivery. The order will be automatically updated to Delivered.