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What's Postmates DaaS and How Can It Help You With Deliveries

Postmates Delivery as a Service (DaaS) functions as an on-demand delivery contractor and can be a useful alternative for handling deliveries

You probably think of Postmates as a food app company like GrubHub or DoorDash, and certainly, this is a big part of their business.  However, they also offer a "delivery only" product called Postmates Delivery as a Service (Daas) that allows you to offer on-demand delivery as a fulfillment option to your customers. It’s targeted at anyone who sells retail products, home goods, groceries, catering, food, alcohol, and more.

Dine.Direct computers talk directly to Postmates using what's called API integration, so with the click of a button from within Dine.Direct, you can have them deliver orders to any local customer. They act solely as a delivery contractor for taking your order from point A to point B.

Below you will find more details about features, use cases, pricing, and more.


  • Get real-time price quotes when creating new deliveries.
  • Ability to have an order delivered ASAP or schedule it to be delivered in the future.
  • Ability to require a signature and/or ID verification at drop-off.
  • Ability to set max delivery distances so orders don't travel too far.
  • Sharable tracking links for you and your customers to monitor delivery status in real time, no login required.
  • Accounts are set to return the delivery if the customer is not available. This can be changed to leave items at the door or discard/keep items per your request.

Real-world experience

  • Pro: It is very convenient to just click a button and summon a driver.
  • Pro: You can order drivers on a case-by-case basis, using Postmates only when other options are not available.
  • Con: Often a nearby delivery that should take under 10 minutes will take 45 minutes or more to arrive because Postmates drivers manage multiple deliveries at once.
  • Con: You lose control of the final part of your customer experience by handing your food off to an unknown contractor. Usually, it's great, but there are serious delivery issues about 3% of the time, such as:
    • Orders not delivered.
    • Orders marked as delivered before they were actually dropped off.
    • Postmates might cancel your delivery if they run low on drivers.