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What to Do If You Can't Log In to Your Account

A step-by-step approach based on our own experience working in busy restaurants

  1. First of all, keep in mind the error message on the login page says "Wrong email or password". The problem might be an incorrect email, wrong password or both!
  2. Do you have multiple accounts you log in to every day with different emails? Make sure you're using the right email address.
  3. An oldie, but a goodie: make sure Caps Lock is not activated on your keyboard.
  4. Double-check that you're not entering blank spaces at the beginning or at the end of your password. Use the eye icon to show the characters and see what you're typing.
  5. Have you changed your password recently? Sometimes auto-fillers and auto-completers get stuck with old passwords (and our brains can get stuck with old ones as well).
  6. If you still can't log in, go to this article: How to reset your password.