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What's the Scan Receipts Section of the Management Dashboard?

Once an order reaches the Kitchen, you have two ways to update its status: you can either do it manually by editing the status in the order details, or you can scan the QR code of the order with a mobile device.

Now, scanning the QR codes is a way to make sure the orders actually left the station (kitchen, packaging) and it's ready for delivery. With this system, the status will update automatically after scanning the code. 

It's not mandatory to have printers, since the QR code of each order is easily accessible within its Order Details, but, it will become much easier to scan a QR code out of a printed receipt.

How do you scan the QR codes? 

  1. Using a phone or tablet, log into your Restaurant Management Dashboard, scroll down using the left sidebar to find the Scan Receipts section.

    scan receipts
  2. Click on the Start QR Scanner button. The camera of your tablet or phone will be activated. Make sure to give the site permission to use the phone's camera.
  3. Find the QR code of the order in any of the receipts and scan it.
  4. When you're done, click on Stop QR Scanner and the status will be updated.
  5. You can refer to the Log panel to make sure the changes were applied correctly. For instance, in the screenshot below we scanned an order twice. We can verify it worked perfectly.
  6. You can clear the logs by tapping the trash icon.

    cellphone QR scans