Why a second Postmates courier showed up at your restaurant?

If a second driver shows up to pick up a delivery-in-progress order, it means the first courier canceled it due to an emergency

The answer is related to the way Postmates Delivery as a Service deals with sudden cancellations from the courier's end.

If the first assigned courier claims to have an emergency, the Postmates system can reassign the order to a second courier and instruct that second person to pick up the items at your restaurant.

Is this always going to happen upon a courier's cancelation?

No. According to Postmates, this is handled automatically by their algorithm. It can sometimes schedule a 2nd courier, or sometimes cancel the order completely and issue a refund to your card. There is no way to easily predict when each outcome will occur. We can just recommend what actions to take in case it does happen.

What should you do if this happens to one of your orders?

  • Take care of the guest: Their order will be late. Do they want an immediate refund or can they wait a little longer for the food to be cooked again?
    • Contact them and let them know Postmates is having some issues.
    • To reimburse them, use Stripe (click here for a quick tutorial)
    • If they can wait for the meal, kindly ask the 2nd Postmates courier to wait up.
    • Some restaurants would rather refund the guest AND comp the meal at the same time, to compensate for the lousy experience.
  • Turn your attention to Postmates:
    • If the entire order will be canceled, do not tell the courier to cancel it from their phone, you risk having a 3rd courier assigned after them. It's best to cancel the Postmates delivery yourself from your end: How to cancel a Postmates delivery
    • Regardless of the final outcome, send a reimbursement request to Postmates! They will reimburse the full delivery fee plus a percentage of the food total. Here's how to do that: How to request a refund from Postmates
  • If the order, despite being late it finally reaches its destination, there are no more actions required in the platform.
  • If the order needs to be canceled entirely, check here how to proceed: How to cancel an order in Dine.Direct