How to Add Item Modifiers Such As Extras and Sizes Options

Customize all those extra goodies that the customer can ask you to add or change to their plate

  1. Log into Restaurant Management Dashboard and locate Menu Settings from the sidebar to your left. At the end of the Edit Menu Item pop-up window, you'll find the Menu Item Modifications section.
    item mods 2.1
  2. In this section, you can add mods such as salsas, extras, sizes, combos (adding drinks or sides), etc. Click on the “Add Mod” button and write its name and type. You can drag and move each mod to organize them. There are three modification types:

    mod type
    • Forced choice is used when it's absolutely necessary for the customer to pick one. We’re talking about pizza sizes, toppings, dough type, temperature, etc.  forced choice tony tasty
    • Multiple choice is used to pick more than one option. Wine choices, extras, sauces, combos, sides, etc. are all possibilities that can be added with this option. Click on the plus(+) icon to add a new mod and price if needed.
    • Multiple choice with Qty is used if you would like your customer to be able to choose more than one option but only up to a certain amount. For instance, if you want to put a yogurt bowl with the choice of up to 4 toppings, you just select this option and enter 4 as the quantity.
    multiple choice with qty
  3. Now you can edit each choice to modify the price and cost, activate or deactivate it, and assign a display order to it (1 for it to be on top of the list. 2 would be the next one, and so on). 

item mod edit 

Don't forget to save your changes! Now you can keep adding items, editing the ones you have, and customizing them to make your menu looks sharp. 

You're done with all these cool extras! One of the awesome things you can do is set specific delivery times to ensure your guests get a realistic ETA (estimated time of arrival for their order). You can do this here.