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How to Change Your Avatar's Messages

Customize how your avatar greets your customers, leave your guests a thank you note and more!

When you join Dine.Direct, you select an avatar. This avatar acts as a virtual waiter/waitress, interacting with your customers.

In case you want to change the way your avatar speaks to your clients, log into your Restaurant Management Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Client Settings, located in the left sidebar. 
  2. Select the Messages & Graphics tab. 
    messages and graphics tab
  3. There you will find multiple rows where you can edit the message you want. Let's break down what each Message code means:

    • TopBarMessage is the message your avatar will use to greet your customers when they land on your menu page.
    • DeliveryReceiptAvatarMessage will show up on the final receipt. Want to thank your guests for eating local and choosing you? You can do it here!
    • PickupMessage is handy to give customers additional instructions via SMS if they want their meal to-go (e.g. where to park, any specific driving instructions, how to find the entrance, etc.)
    • TutorialTeacherAvatar isn't really a written message, but a special picture of your avatar that will show up when giving your guests a tour of your menu. Here you will see our avatar Giovanni with a sleek pair of glasses. See more info about this here2020-09-28_1-10-46
    • DietaryChefAvatar is the message and its accompanying avatar that will display when your guests want to know more about the dietary options you offer. It will also show up on your menu.

    • PickupTabMessage by default, it's blank. See the pic below to know where this label is.
    • DeliveryTabMessage by default, it's blank. If you offer free delivery, write that here! it will catch guests' attention for sure!
    • PostmatePickupNote has the same function as PickupMessage, The only recipients will be Postmates delivery drivers via SMS.