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How to Schedule and Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting Using Your Email

Easy steps to join a Microsoft Teams video call

If you need to schedule a meeting with us, let us know via chat bubble or email. To set up a video call, we use the Microsoft Teams platform. But don't worry, you don't need to download it to be able to use it.

We'll send you an email. When you receive it, follow these short steps to enter the video call:

  1. First, Click on the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link located at the end of the email.
    email thingy
  2. The link will send you to a page where you can choose how you want Teams to be opened. It can be opened from the Teams App or directly in your browser by clicking on Continue on this browser.
TEAMS on browser

Select the most convenient option and you'll be forwarded to the call without any extra steps! See you there!